Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered together some useful information for you, before you embark on your Golf Tour of Scotland, based on questions we have been asked over the years and some basics you may be interested in. As you'll be aware, the rules of golf can be a little different over here compared to the US, but you don't need to go away and research it for yourself; we've done the legwork below. If you still have questions, please just get in touch.

Do I need to supply a handicap certification?

Whilst it is necessary to be in possession of a handicap certificate on the Old Course (Max 36 for gents and ladies) and on Muirfield (max handicap 18), most courses in Scotland do not request to see proof of handicaps and there are no restrictions to play the course other than keeping up with the pace of play. Below is a list of courses and their handicap policies. If you are in any doubt, please do not hesitate to check with us during the enquiry stage.

The following clubs require handicap certification:
Cruden Bay – Players should be prepared to provide handicap certificates, or certificates of competence.

Gullane – Handicap certificates must be produced to Starter (24 for men and 36 for ladies)

Muirfield – Require handicap certificates for 18 or less.

North Berwick – Be prepared to provide handicap certificates (24 for men and 36 for ladies)

Prestwick Be prepared to provide handicap certificates (24 for men and 28 for ladies)

Royal Aberdeen – Handicaps to be provided (24 for men and ladies)

Royal Troon – Be prepared to show handicap certificates (20 for men and 30 for ladies)

Can I ship my golf clubs to and from Scotland?

Yes, you can ship your golf clubs to and from Scotland.

If you are thinking of shipping clubs, we can recommend the company Luggage Forward who will collect your clubs from your home and deliver directly to your first hotel. Please see the link for more information:

Have your clubs and other luggage picked up at your home and delivered directly to your destination. If your bag is delayed, Luggage Forward will give you double your money back for related expenses. With pricing that saves you as much as 50% versus FedEx and UPS, Nobody has more experience shipping golf clubs internationally than Luggage Forward.

Can I rent clubs for the duration of my trip?

There are several options for renting clubs if shipping is not an option for you and you still do not want to transport your clubs from home. You will find that most clubs have a good supply of rental sets which are new and of high quality. The average rental set costs approximately £35 per round but this can vary depending on the club and the number of rounds you are playing.

Can I hire a caddie?

Please note that if required we will request Caddies on your behalf at all listed Clubs, but due to demand we cannot guarantee availability. Please also note that if you want to cancel a caddie request we need to be given significant notice as a cancellation fee may be incurred. Caddies expect in the region of £80 per round (this includes a tip, but this is obviously at your discretion, depending on the service you receive).

Can I book a buggy?

Most of the traditional links courses in Scotland were not built to accommodate golf carts and generally few offer the option to take a cart on the course.

However, if you are unable to walk a full 18 holes for medical reasons then many courses do have a limited number of carts which can be taken by those golfers who can provide a medical certificate upon arrival. In this instance, a caddie driver may be required to drive the cart to ensure the safe navigation of the vehicle. For a comprehensive list outlining the various policies at our most popular courses, please click on the Read More button.

What is the weather like in Scotland and what clothing do I need to bring?

We normally tell our clients that the only predictable thing about our weather is its unpredictability!
Scotland’s position on the edge of the European continent with sea on three sides means that the weather is very varied. Records show that May and June are usually drier than July and August (when the average monthly rainfall, for example, in Edinburgh is at its highest). Even so, Edinburgh’s annual rainfall is only slightly greater than London’s and many of the East Coast towns have less annual rainfall than Rome. Generally speaking, the East coast tends to be cool and dry, the West coast milder and wetter. More importantly, if it rains, with Scotland’s ever-changing weather patterns, it will probably not last for long. Besides, with Scotland’s longer summer daylight hours – the midsummer sun sets in Shetland at 2234hrs – you have plenty of time to fit in your excursions. Average temperature in the summer is 15-22 degrees centigrade.

With regards to clothing, we would recommend you pack your waterproofs and several light, long-sleeved tops. A jumper should also be packed to err on the safe side, but a pair of shorts may not be out of the question either!