Types of Golf Game Rules Explained

Over the years we have encountered some very intense and pretty diverse golf competitions taking place within golf groups on tour. It can certainly spice up a trip if a tournament runs right through the itinerary. A whole variety of formats have been adopted but these are the most common:


A rare phenomenon in golf – the winner gets the highest score! A point scoring system applies (3 for a birdie, 2 for par and 1 for bogey etc). Stableford is a great format for keeping the game alive because if you have a ‘blow out’ hole you simply pick up and move to the next. It is also a useful means of creating a competition within a 3 ball, which is not normally easy.


Always played at Muirfield in the afternoons, this alternative shot format is great for forming close team bonds with your partner and also for remarkably quick rounds. It s a popular and entrenched element of the Ryder Cup and frequently produces surprise results.


This is a variation on a foursome whereby all players tee off and the best two tee balls are selected. The ball is then played alternate shots until holed.

Texas Scramble

A team of 4 plays 4 balls but with each shot coming from the same spot. A scramble can lead to much hilarity and gets everyone involved.

Drumgolf, from time to time, sets up match play events for clients against Scottish golf clubs. If this is of interest please make further enquiries.